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And By the Way the Cat is Dead by Kate Adams

What does it mean to mourn and what rituals can we find to help us express our loss?  And By the Way the Cat is Dead is a solo show combining bad jokes, autobiography, quotations, poetry and musical interruptions in a doomed struggle to mourn the death of friend. In this performance, you are invited to witness Kate piecing together fragments to build a lament, and you are offered the chance to write something on a postcard and send it on to future audiences.

In this new work, Kate asks the question can sharing the struggle to voice our grief open up a space where we accept our collective anxieties around mourning?

Wednesday 15th March 2017 at PerformingWriting, The SPCA, Wellington, New Zealand.
1.30pm and 3pm Tuesday 6th June 2017, FaB 1, 15 New Bond St, Between, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, UK.
11th – 13th July, 2017, Theatre de Menilmontant, Dreams Before Dawn, Paris, France.


Artist: Kate Adams
Dramaturgical advice: Medie Megas
Technical manager: Phillippa Howarth
Thanks for technical support to James Kururangi (NZ) and Hannah Rogers (NZ)
Documentation: Joshua Lewis, Performing Writing; University of Salford; Phillippa Howarth.

Thanks and acknowledgements
With thanks to ΜΠΙΠ Theatre, and to the University of Salford for their support for the development of this work.


Audience feedback:

“An extremely warm and human performance, gently approaching the core of grief that we find so difficult to attend to. Honest, tender, and moving. We may always be in need of finding ways to live with the impact of loss, and Kate Adam’s performance provides one such way.” (anon)

“βλεποντας την περφορμανς, ο τρόπος με τον οποίο χειριζεται το πενθος με συγκίνησε τόσο, που ένοισα πως ήθελα κι εγώ να μπω σ’αυτον τον κόσμο από τη μερια του δημιουργού” (Maro Michalakakos)
(Translation: “Seeing the performance, the way it handles grief, moved me so much that I felt that I too wanted to enter into this world from the side of the artist”)

“Exquisite” (anon)




Μα Ποια Πάπια (or I’m not a Pheasant Plucker) by Kate Adams

whisper and the voteΜα Ποια Πάπια (or I’m not a Pheasant Plucker) is a struggle to speak in a foreign language. It is a game of vulnerability and foolishness, an attempt just to say what I want, clearly, and without any mistakes. It is a search for home and a search for a voice.

In this solo performance, Kate Adams explores miscommunication and misunderstanding and the vulnerability and potentialities of displacement across languages and cultures as we struggle to define European identity. Μα Ποια Πάπια was originally presented at Love Letters to a (Post)-Europe at Bios, Athens.

Saturday 25th June 2016 at Σπίτι, Μπιπ Theatre, Greece.
Saturday 18th June 2016, 8pm at Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum (Pireus Street), Greece.
Saturday 19th December 2015, at Athenian Nights, State of Concept, Greece.
Friday 2nd November, 2015, at Love Letters to a (Post)-Europe, Bios, Greece.

With thanks to Medie Megas and Phill Howarth for dramaturgical advice and with thanks to the University of Salford for supporting the work.




Transforming Me 3


Transforming Me: Ένα Δίγλωσσο Σόλο (a Bilingual Solo) by Medie Megas

How does one imagine and create a different reality?

Transforming Me is a meditation on personal and social transformation. The improvisational ‘transformation’ form upon which the piece is based, models the shifts through familiar into unfamiliar, through repetition and tipping points, through fear and hope.

More information on Medie Megas’ website here.

And read the Dance Press review (in Greek) here.  And the Parallax review (also in Greek) here.


Nov 7th 2015 Danae Festival, Milan, Italy.
July 21st, 2015, Kalamata International Dance Festival, Kalamata Dance Megaron, Studio.
July 8th, 2015, Thessaloniki Performance Festival, Black Box, as part of the Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art.
30th Nov – 1st Dec, 2014, Transforming Me: Ένα Δίγλωσσο Σόλο premiered at the MIR Festival, in Athens at Rabbithole.


transforming me 1Choreography: Medie Megas
Dramaturgy: Kate Adams
Composition of original music: Chrisanthos Christodoulos
Lighting: Tasos Palairoutas
Image processing: Sakis Stritsigis / Front
Set design: Vasilis Gerodimos
Production assistant: Marilou Andrikou


Production: Medie Megas
Co-production: European network Open Latitudes (3) (Latitudes Contemporaines (FR) Vooruit (BE) – L’Arsenic (CH) – Body/Mind (PL) – Teatro delle Moire (IT) – Sin Arts Culture (HU) – Le Phénix (FR) – MIR Festival (GR) – Materiais Diversos (PT) ) funded by the European Union.
Supported by: MIRFestival


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